Feedback Your Customers Love to Give

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Keep your finger on the pulse of what products are most loved on your website. Watch your customers “heart” the products they love, and use those insights to make data-backed merchandising decisions. It’s quick and easy for customers and provides you with a powerful snapshot of consumer trends.

Review Display

Reviews should be a natural part of your website’s content. Revere provides an unprecedented level of customization of look, feel, placement, and content. You can set custom star ratings, integrate user generated content, and control styling to match your brand. Revere is built to be fully responsive to encourage your users to rate and review on any device, wherever they are.

Question & Answer

Convert shoppers to buyers by providing feedback on customer questions. Questions can be answered by both moderators on your team and previous purchasers. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, Q&A improves the freshness of content for SEO, increases conversions, and reduces customer support costs.

Nothing qualifies your product better than reviews.

A series of arrows demonstrating the benefits of product reviews on an eCommerce site: higher AOV and repeat visitors
A series of arrows demonstrating the benefits of product reviews on an eCommerce site: higher conversion rate and sales
A series of arrows demonstrating the benefits of product reviews on an eCommerce site: lower return and abandon cart rates

Business-Friendly Administration

Your time is expensive, so we’ve built Revere to handle day-to-day tasks automatically and ensure you are maximizing conversions.

Review Generation

To display reviews on your website, you need customers to write them. On-site review capabilities allow customers to share their thoughts about a product without ever leaving a product detail page. Post-purchase, Revere helps you reach out to your customers through mail after purchase (MAP) emails that are customizable and fully responsive. Revere also allows you to easily upload offline orders (in-store) to trigger email requests for reviews.


Change the display, configuration, or ratings criteria from the same, simple admin you use to approve, promote, and share your review content. Set escalation rules, create custom profanity filters, or analyze a suite of insight reports. Our one click approval process means less time managing content and more time engaging directly with customers.

SEO & Marketing

Turn reviews into sales by rising to the top of search results. Reach more customers by showing your ratings on Google and using rich snippets to increase organic traffic. Our powerful inline technology loads reviews as part of your website’s content, creating new keywords and always keeping content fresh.