How to Write the Perfect Post-Purchase Email

How to Write the Perfect Post-Purchase Email

Open communication is an important part of building trust with consumers. When consumers trust a brand, they are more likely to become loyal brand advocates. However, this communication does not end after you’ve made a sale. In fact, the follow-up after a purchase can be just as important as everything that took place at the beginning of the buyer’s journey.

There are a few different types of emails that customers will expect post-purchase. We’ve outlined best practices for each of them:

  1. Order Confirmation- Customers want to know their order was successfully received and when it will ship, so this is the first email that should go out immediately after a purchase is made. Customers also need to know how they can track the shipment, how to access their receipt, and who to contact if something goes wrong. Make this email clear, concise, and to the point. Make use of chunking, bullet points, or a numbered list to ensure all the important information is highlighted clearly.
  2. Shipping Confirmation- After their order is confirmed, customers like to know when their package shipped so they can know when to expect it. Radio silence after a purchase can be disconcerting, and lead customers to believe that they won’t receive their order. Follow up the order confirmation immediately with a shipping confirmation to let them know when to expect their order.
  3. Review Solicitation- Depending on the product, a few weeks after an order is received, brands should send out a request for a review. By now, your customer should have had some time to test out the product and form an opinion on it. Sending an email requesting a product review will get a much better response at this time. There are a few tips to keep in mind when creating this post-purchase email. First, acknowledge that they are a valued customer and thank them for their purchase. Let them know that their voice is important and that you want to make it heard. Finally, offer clear instructions for how to leave a product review. Maybe tie in an incentive- like extra loyalty points or even a coupon for their participation. With Revere, review request emails can be sent automatically from your dashboard, so you always have an influx of UGC from your customers. And we’ve integrated with major email service providers, so you can stick with the email system you’re used to.

The post-purchase email is another touchpoint for brands to engage with consumers. Don’t let it go to waste. Use that communication to engage customers, highlight your brand, and bring them back to your site.

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