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Getting Started Guide

Getting Started with Revere


Thank you for signing up for Revere. We have created a new account for you at www.irevere.com.

This is where you will access and moderate your Reviews and Questions & Answers as well as manage all your Revere settings.

You only need to take a few more steps to complete the setup of Revere and start collecting valuable customer content .

1: Complete setup of your account on www.irevere.com

You should have received an email from irevere.com that includes your company ID and a link you need to click to complete your account setup. You will need your company ID to complete your installation, so write it down somewhere safe.

Click on the link to complete your account setup. You will be asked to choose a password and that’s it – you are all set up!

This account is the master account for Revere, so keep the access safe and secure.

2: Add the Revere code to your website

You will need to add small code snippets to your site wherever you would like the Reviews, Snippets, Q&A (pro only) and Heartbeats (pro only) to display.

This is where you will use company ID included in your welcome email. You can also find this ID in the Revere Administration tool on the bottom of the Site Profile page located at: https://app.irevere.com/mgr/administration/site-profile.

Detailed instructions for installing the code on Shopify are available here: https://www.irevere.com/support/installing-revere-on-your-shopify-store/

Detailed instructions for installing the code on BigCommerce are available here: https://www.irevere.com/support/installing-revere-on-your-bigcommerce-store/

3: Send product and order information to Revere

Revere uses the product information to provide clearer information to moderators and for more insightful reporting. Order information is needed to send review solicitations to your customers which helps you generate even more valuable review content.

We will automatically collect this information if you signed up for Revere by adding a plug-in found in your eCommerce Platform’s marketplace, so no additional actions are needed.

If this is a custom installation, there are multiple ways we can collect this information so please talk to your Client Manager and they will help you select the option that’s best for your eCommerce platform.

That’s it! Your basic setup is now complete and you are ready to start using Revere on your site.

Your Revere Client Manager should be reaching out to you in the next few days to address any questions you may have about the process or about Revere. If you have an immediate question, you can reach out to us directly at [email protected].

Thanks for installing Revere!