Why Building Q&A into your eCommerce Site is a Must

Why Building Q&A into your eCommerce Site is a Must

Trust is everything when it comes to your customers. Gaining your customers’ trust is a natural part of retail in a brick-and-mortar store, but there’s no algorithm for rapport when your salesperson is a product page. So how do you bridge the experience between the physical and the digital? By building opportunities for discussion about your products through questions and answers. Having a Q&A feature on your site allows customers to interact with you directly, and it also provides product insights that help them make their purchase decisions. Below are three additional reasons why Q&A is a must on your eCommerce site.

Convenience: Customers want quick and easy answers when purchasing a product online. Their decision to buy a product is often made in a matter of seconds. By giving a customer the opportunity to have their questions answered in a timely manner, you can increase trust between the customer and your brand. A study done by Harvard Business Review captured the value of providing simple and reliable information for consumers. “Many brands lead consumers down confusing purchase paths. The savviest ones simplify and personalize the route.” Having a direct channel to consumers can give a company an upper hand in customer relations, by also making their purchase process more positive.

Increased Conversion: According to HBR, 86% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if a company has a good FAQ sheet. Giving a consumer a faster tool for making a purchase decision will make it easier to validate any unanswered questions they may have at checkout. By using a Q&A feature, it will be easier to pinpoint exactly what questions are most asked by costumers to increase conversion.

Creating a Buzz: By creating a conversation on a certain product, you automatically draw a customer’s eye to investigate. Q&A on a product will spark the interest of a customer to discover what the buzz is about and will intrigue them to read through a conversation and help them make their own purchase decision.

Leading the conversation with your customers is an effective way to build trust in your product and your brand, and featuring Q&A on your site is an important first step.

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