Reporting Intelligence

Revere comes with core reporting that allows you to track how each feature is performing on the site, how your email communications are working, and how Revere is contributing to your bottom line. AI-enhanced reports give you actionable business information from your customer feedback. Products with the highest and lowest average review ratings are surfaced immediately on the dashboard, allowing you to get ahead of any potential customer satisfaction or supplier issues. Top products can be highlighted in merchandising, allowing you to maximize revenue or quickly order more to avoid running out of stock. Your data is also yours to export for use in other business tools, like your CRM system or marketing platforms. Let your customer feedback drive smart business decisions and increase sales with Reporting Intelligence.

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See how your products and user-generated content are doing every time you log in to Revere. Revere’s dashboards give you an instant reporting of what elements are being used on your site, what Revere channels are converting into sales, and what products are rated highest and lowest.

Engagement Reports

Need a deeper dive into what your customers are saying? Our engagement reports give you a detailed look at your customer sentiment, what Revere elements are getting the most use, and the distribution of user-generated content across your products.

Revenue Reports

As your customers transact with your website, Revere captures those transactions and allows you to view the Revere influence on a number of eCommerce KPMs. This includes what Revere channels are providing incremental revenue and which Revere elements are converting the best.

Data Exports

Maintain complete control and freedom over how you use your insights. With Revere, the data is yours. You have access to it whenever you like, and can download it into a spreadsheet and pivot to your heart’s content.