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Guide customer purchasing decisions and increase engagement, sales, and trust in your brand.



More is More. More Reviews. More Insights. More Sales.

Customers demand quality, unfiltered review content to help qualify their online purchases. Reviews increase traffic, enhance SEO, improve conversions, increase average order values, and decrease returns. Built from the ground up by a team of retail industry professionals, Revere is powerful, simple to implement, and most importantly, affordable.

Ratings & Reviews

Product reviews can increase conversions by up to 178%, and 63% of customers are more likely to buy from a site with reviews.

Questions & Answers

Customers spend more when they have their questions answered in a timely manner. Inform your shoppers and help them buy smarter.


Keep your finger on the pulse of which products are popular. With a simple click, customers can “heart” a product that they love.

Reporting Intelligence

In simple, visual reports, analyze data captured through ratings & reviews and Q&A. Identify trends that help you make smart business decisions.

Why pick Revere?


Revere provides an unprecedented level of customization of look, feel, placement, and content. Reviews become a natural part of the site content.

Mobile Ready

Enable your customers with a mobile solution that answers all their questions and closes the deal wherever they are. Revere has you covered out of the box.

Built by Experts

Revere is built and backed by a team of retail industry experts with decades of experience. We know eCommerce and the power of user-generated content.