Customers trust other customers more than brands, so user-generated content about your products is invaluable. Unfortunately, writing a review takes more effort than most customers are willing to contribute. Heartbeat allows you to capture feedback from that silent majority in a low friction contextual way with one-click positive feedback. Revere keeps a running count of each product’s Heartbeat and displays it to all your customers, providing instant social proof. Aggregate reports in the Moderation tool give you insight into which products customers are loving with the Heartbeat feature.

Buyer Feedback

Capturing customer opinions enables shoppers to see what products are resonating, and Revere  allows them to see which products have the most hearts and use that information to make future purchasing decisions.

Instant Social Proof

A product’s heartbeat is immediately recognizable by your customers, showing how many other people also like a product. This social proof is a compelling purchase motivator, and a huge impact on conversion rate.

Frictionless Review

Writing a text-based review involves a significant time commitment, one that can distract your shoppers from their main tasks. Capture customer sentiment without interrupting the flow of their shopping experience with Heartbeat.