4 Ratings & Reviews Metrics You Should be Tracking

4 Ratings & Reviews Metrics You Should be Tracking

“Numbers don’t lie.”

We’ve heard it before, but is your eCommerce team tracking all the numbers they should be? Evaluating the success of your eCommerce strategy requires certain metrics, and with Revere’s Reporting Intelligence, those metrics are readily available and easy to track.

Here are the 4 metrics you need to monitor when it comes to ratings and reviews:

  1. Customer Sentiment- The largest advantage of ratings and reviews is the ability to gauge how your customers feel about your products. Revere’s engagement reports allow you to take a deeper dive into what your customers are saying, as well as the distribution of user-generated content across your products. Brands can then turn these AI-enhanced insights into actionable strategies for improving the customer experience. Unhappy customers could point to problems with your website or even issues in your supply chain.
  2. Review Engagement- This metric provides a quick look at how many of your customers are actually leaving product reviews. If review engagement is low, your team can implement strategies to boost participation among your customers (check out #4 on this list for some ideas).
  3. Score Distribution- In Revere’s reporting dashboard, you can immediately see which products are rated highest and lowest on your site. With Reporting Intelligence, you can also see what percentage of products have one through five-star ratings. This provides a snapshot of customer sentiment and also allows your team to address potential customer service issues with low-rated products.
  4. Impact on Revenue- Ultimately, the end goal of reviews is to increase conversions and drive sales. With Revere revenue reports, you can see exactly how your reviews are impacting your bottom line. As customers interact with your site, Revere captures transactions and allows you to view the Revere influence on a number of key performance metrics, including what Revere channels are providing incremental value and which Revere elements are converting the best.

Don’t let your efforts to implement UGC on your site go to waste. Make sure you are tracking their success from the start.

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