How to Empower Consumers to become Brand Advocates

How to Empower Consumers to become Brand Advocates

Marketers spend most of their day talking about their brand, writing about their brand, or brainstorming new ways to share their brand with the world. But perhaps one of the most powerful tools in the quest to build a brand is the empowered customer. Customers who had a positive experience with your brand and are given the tools to share that experience are invaluable. Below, we’ve outlined the 3 best ways to empower your customers to become brand advocates:

  1. Make their voices heard. Give customers a platform to share their thoughts and experiences. Ratings and reviews on products, posting questions or answers- these give customers a way to share their opinions and also help other customers reach a purchasing decision.
  2. Reward them for their loyalty. Loyalty programs are an effective way to encourage repeat customers and let customers know they are valued. Reward customers for their purchases or for leaving a review. Provide extra loyalty points that they can redeem towards a future purchase or other perk.
  3. Show your appreciation. When customers post about your products on social media or leave a review on your site, show some gratitude for their engagement. Share their posts, send them a thank you email, let them know you enjoy their feedback. This will make them more likely to do so again in the future, and also encourages engagement.

Your customers are your best asset when it comes to selling your products. Keep them engaged and empowered to champion your brand.

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